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I am a music lover and musician who loves among many other things as I display to you on this page.  This "about me" section is basically what I do musically.  However, my goal is to reach out to other people like me that just love to discuss music/movies, find new bands, hear new music, appreciate beauty, and love to watch good, fun, sick, disgusting films.  Two projects that I am happy to say that I have been proud of are right here, as well as my new band down below:

As of now, I am in a new project called Destroyer of Light, you can also like us on facebook.  In this band, I play vocals/guitars and we are in the vein of stoner/sludge/death/rock/metal.  It is different from PBR yet same family of metal and we are based out of Austin, TX.  We plan on getting an ep recorded soon, but we have a demo song avaialble called "Greet Death" you can check it out at the links presented above.

I was a death metal vocalist, and this band Fable of Deceit, I had been playing with them for over two years before I moved, and here is some of the material that I have done with them on a demo we recorded a few years back:

Bundy Complex
The Assassination

Also, I played guitar and do vocals in a stoner/doom/sludge fashion, which it is hard to tell that I love this style.  This was my band, Poor Bastards Revolt!

Devil Woman
The Drinking Song

You can check out more of the music at the soundcloud links presented above or you can become the fans of the bands on facebook as linked under the bands and download these songs.
I hope you enjoy the page and the music.  Doom on!

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