Chick of the Month

Alison Brie for the month of December
As another month goes by bringing us together for that the Holiday spirit, I figured the best way to bring our spirits up is by taking a look at Alison Brie from Mad Men/Community.  I actually had no idea who this chick was until a buddy mentioned her to me, and then I said, "Whoa, it is the chick from Mad Men, she is a babe!"  So, this week is dedicated to you, Alison.  Jesus would be happy to know that you were created.

Emma Watson for the month of January
As we enter the heart of winter by storm, I want to give a huge applause to the extremely attractive Emma Watson.  Now, I know she cut her hair short in recent times, and I was a big fan of that at all, but it doesn't distract from how gorgeous she is.  As I enter this "cold" months, nothing like a little
Emma Watson to keep it warm!

Zooey Deschanel for the month of February
This is my birthday month and who would be better to pick for my birthday than Zooey.  She is a woman of many different looks, disguises, styles, and personalities, but no matter which way she roles, she is still beautiful.  Plus, she is a good actress and singer.  An artsy girl like herself always makers it even better.  She could sing Happy Birthday to me, and you know, that would be rad.

Olivia Wilde for the month of March

My first introduction to Olivia was in Tron, and as much as that movie was visually amazing, just the she was presented in the movie, it just really made her look highly attractive.  And then seeing her in movies afterwards, it proved to be that she is indeed sexy!

Kate Beckinsale for the month of April

Kate Beckinsale in Underworld is where it is at.  I don't know what it is about that vampire look, but I really dug it on her.  However, just in general, the woman is beautiful.

Marisa Tomei for the month of May

Marisa Tomei is about 46 years old, and I don't care what anyone says, she is still extremely sexy.  Also, I like her Italian attitude, I can relate to that very much.  She will always be a beaut!

Mila Kunis for the month of  June

Mila Kunis has always been a favorite mine.  I never watched That 70's Show, but I always enjoyed watching it when she was in the show.  And now that she is in films, she is still gorgeous.  

Amanda Seyfried for the month of July

Here is an actress that has been in several movies, but I never really noticed her.  However, I remember seeing the previews for Red Riding Hood movie and wondered who this girl was.  And you know, usually I am a dark skin, brunette fan, but I can't help, but find this girl hot!

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