Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stoner Rock continues.....

More stoner rock goodness that you should get on board for!  So far, it has all been from Sweden and the USA, but it is true..that for the most part, the best stuff comes from these two countries.  The links are below, you just have to light them up with your mouse.  Enjoy!

Truckfighters (Sweden)

Kyuss (USA)

Fu Manchu (USA)

Lowrider (Sweden)


  1. I would argue that the Uk is just as important when it comes to stoner rock and doom...Electric Wizard, Orange Goblin, Black Sabbath, Acrimony, Cathedral, Iron Monkey, Pagan Altar, Serpent Cult, Witchsorrow, Ramesses to name just a few.

  2. Yeah, I was going to get to UK, DC. There was no dissing on the UK scene, I love these bands just as much as you do!

  3. I know you do, was just pointing out the importance of the UK scene in comparison to the US and Sweden.