Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pallbearer - Sorrow and Extinction

Pallbearer - Sorrow and Extinction

Pallbearer hails from Little Rock, Arkansas and includes members of the bands SPORTS and Deadbird. Arkansas has created quite a scene over the past 10 years with the bands mentioned above as well as Rwake. These Arkansas doomsters started creating a lot of buzz when they were signed to  Profound Lore last year, and the 2010 demo came to light for the rest of the world. The 2010 demo made doom fans excited for what was to come, and fans anxiously awaited their Profound Lore debut. Now, that we have Sorrow and Extinction within our grasp, the melancholy and sorrowful atmosphere presented will bring clarity and happiness into new life created.

Sorrow and Extinction starts off with, "Foreigner,"a 12:23 journey into sadness and death. The recording almost sounds like it was done in a church, or a hall. For example, the vocals have an adequate level of reverb mixed with a touch of delay to make them sound distant and disconnected with the music, but in a positive way. When you combine the distant and disconnected vocal recording with Brett Campbell's melodic and sorrowful cries, it sounds beautiful when mixed with the guitars, bass, and drums. Which brings us to the music, the guitars sound heavy and provide excellent textures between the harmonies and melodies. "The Legend" and "An Offering of Grief" are perfect songs to demonstrate the well-crafted melodies and harmonies that Pallbearer execute flawlessly. As far as the drums and bass, they are the backbone that supports the heaviness and power, the slow and dynamic of force of the melodies, the riffs, the song structures, and Brett Campbell's voice. Without them, the songs would not sound as organic or natural. With the journey coming to an end, "Given to the Grave" closes the casket to the Sorrow and Extinction. Literally, this song sounds like you are being put to rest indefinitely.

Crafting such a melancholy, depressing doom record, and making it sound hopeful, beautiful, and uplifting is not an easy task to achieve. However, Pallbearer prove that it is possible, and do it extremely well. Sorrow and Extinction would make a perfect funeral album for someone that you love, and when it is over, peace overcomes you knowing that that person is still with you in memories, your heart, and your mind.

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