Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top 10 albums to Bring on a Road Trip

Well, this week, I took upon myself to drive down south alone in a two day trek.  First day, I drove for 13 hours, and the second, I drove for about 9 hours.  And I never remember before on a road trip having to piss as much as I had, but it could have been the coffee, the energy drinks, and the powerade, however, every two hours, come on!  Anyway, back to the story, it is essential that you have plenty of music, which I probably brought over 50 CDs with me just in case.  The ones that definitely made this trip a satisfying trip were (not in any particular order):

1.  Kyuss - Welcome to Sky Valley
2.  Down - NOLA
3.  Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
4.  Orchid - Capricorn
5.  In Solitude - The World, The Flesh, The Devil
6.  Ghost - Opus Eponymous
7.  Graveyard - Hisengen Blues
8.  King Diamond - Abigail (at night)
9.  Electric Wizard - Dopethrone
10.  YOB - The Great Cessation (any YOB really)

I know it is mostly metal, but trust me, it makes great driving music!  Ps.  Never listen to Decapitated during rush hour in Dallas traffic.  That was chaos.